A new committee formed by Chinese-Americans opened a campaign today to urge President Carter to speed the establishment of full diplomatic relations with China.

The leaders of the National Chinese-American Committee for the Normalization of U.S.-China relations took full page advertisements in today's Washington Post, New York Times and other papers to publish an open letter to Carter.

Many of the group's sponsors have had close ties with the Chinese government in recent years.

They include Chen N. Yang, a Nobe prize winning physicist, who has had audiences with Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Premier Chou En-lai and the present Chinese Communist Party Chairman Hua Kuo-feng.

Ping-ti Ho, a well-known historian at the University of Chicago, and Van S. Lung, who owns the Yenching Palace restaurant here, are other sponsors.

Lung said the group will hold a demonstration at the White House, the State Department and the Capitol Monday, the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Shanghai Communique.

In the communique, the United States and China spoke of progress toward the normalization of relations between the two countries. Relations were completely broken from 1949, when the Communist took power, until 1972.

The group urges Carter to withdraw diplomatic recognition from Taiwan, thereby clearing the way for full diplomatic relations with Peking.

Chinese-Americans are divided between supporters of Taiwan and China. In general, however, they have not libbied the U.S. government as have Americans with ethnics ties to other nations.