It was noted here recently that with name brand coffee retailing for $3.19 a pound, it costs about 6.4 cents to brew a 6-ounce cup at home. Those figures are already out of date.

Wholesale coffee prices edged up toward the $4 mark this week, so I'm sure we'll soon see retail prices nearing the $5 level. If you're a two-cup person who has been spending 12.8 cents on coffee each day, you can now prepare yourself for a 20-cent outlay.

With one exception, everybody who has written to me about coffee prices has taken the position that they are outrageously high. Mrs. Homer A. Miller is the exception. Her view of it is that coffee is still the cheapest of our popular drinks - certainly a lot cheaper than beer or booze - so perhaps we shouldn't complain too much.

She may be right, but I'm going to have a hard time agreeing with her. In fact, when I brew my first cup of coffee in the morning I'm in no mood to agree with anybody. It's much more fun to be righteously indignant and promise myself that tomorrow, by golly, I'm going to switch to tea and teach those robbers a lesson.