A 30-year-old Clinton man was arrested yesterday and charged with kidnaping his two sons with assaulting one of them, according to Prince Georges County police.

The man, Donald Lee Thomas was arrested by county police around 3:45 p.m. after he fell asleep in his home at 8202 Dangerfield Rd., Clinton. The arrest followed several tense hours during which Thomas allegedly removed his sons ages 8 and 12 from school and threatened to kill them, police said.

According to county police spokesman John Hoxie, a long festering domestic and drinking problem came to a climax Monday when Thomas allegedly held his wife and sons at gun-point for four hours. During this time, Hoxie said, Thomas fired a gun twice and one shot richocheted, slightly injuring the younger son.

That evening, Hoxie said, Thomas' wife reported the shooting incident to police in Seat Pleasant. Yesterday morning, Clinton detectives conducted a follow-up investigation.

While his wife was talking to police. He said, Thomas took his two sons from the Tanglewood Elementary School to the house, where the alleged death threat was made.

Capt. Daniel Robertson, commander of the Clinton police station, attempted to persuade Thomas to meet with him outside the house but to no avail. Thomas emerged from the house once, apparently drunk, Hoxie said, fired two shots into the ground and went back inside where he passed out and subsequently was arrested.