During a recent pre-taped radio interview at Newport News Sen. William Scott (R-Va.) focused a lengthy part of his discussion on how he felt President Ford made a big mistake by not retracting his "Eastern Europe blunder" immediately.

It wasn't until he was long gone from the radio station, that Scott realized he too had erred by referring to "Western" instead of Eastern Europe" during the interview.

Not wanting to make the same mistake Ford had Scott quickly called the station to retract that part of the interview.

Scott, third ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has introduced a bill to provide 10-years terms for all members of the federals judiciary with the rights of any judge to be renominated for additional terms.

Scott said that if a judge is given a 10-year term, "he can be reasonably independent of political considerations but still have to account for his stewardship." In good shape

Leaving a 26-year-old staff aide huffing and puffing behind him last week, 61-year-old Sen. Harry Byrd (I-Va.) took two steps at a time up three flights in order to make an appointment.

The spry senator makes it a point to swim at least three or four times a week in the Senate pool and never rides when he can walk.

"I'm just about down to my college weight," says Byrd boastfully. "Besides all the exercise, I forgot to eat a lot during the campaign.

Due to the new Senate committee reorganizations, Byrd has been given the chairmanship of the sub-committee on Taxation and Debt of the Senate Finance Committee.

According to Byrd, the sub-committee will be responsible for overseeing debts owed to the United States by foreign countries, as well as handling tax legislation. Fixing his back porch

Herb Harris (D-Va.) of Alexandria claims he already has his pay raise spent. "I'm going to have my back porch fixed," said Harris. "I've been promising my wife Nancy for years and I think to porch is ready to be declared a disaster area."

Harris' bill to preserve 1,300 acres of the Manassas Battlefield in Prince William County has passed by the House Sub-committee on National Parks.

Harris has been working on the legislation for two years. Although it had passed in the House during the last session, it was blocked in the Senate by Sen. William Scott just before the close of business last year.

Harris says he expects the full Interior Committee to take up the bill immediately and for the House to vote on it by April. CB meeting.

Joseph Fisher (D-Va.) met with a group of concerned CB radio operators from his district last week to discuss the possibility of introducing legislation for stricter CB controls.

The meeting was the result of many calls Fisher has received complaining about mojor CB problems in his district. Some of the primary concerns involve intereference, use of profane language on the band, and getting added funding for the FCC to enforce CB laws. Roll call votes

Votes of area members of Congress on key roll calls for the week ending Mar. 4, 1977.