A new study by the Civil Service Commission indicates that government workers are indeed among the best educated groups of workers in the country. The survey, which covered more than 80 per cent of the million-plus white collar U.S. workers shows that 30 per cent have bachelor's degrees and that another 25 per cent attended college for some period of time. Around 13 per cent had technicial training beyond high school. Only 32 per cent had no education or training beyond high school.

The CSC study, by the Bureau of Manpower Information Systems, says 53 per cent of the middle management people have bachelor's degree and 32 per cent had done some graduate study.

Other items from the educational profile:

Sixty per cent of the employees in the large study group were men and 43 per cent of them, and 11 per cent of the women, had at least a bachelor's degree.

Nine per cent of the men and 19 per cenof the women had some technical training beyond high school and 24 per cent of the men, 44 per cent of the women had no educational training beyond high school.

Thirteen per cent of the blacks in the survey had at least a bachelor's degree; 16 per cent of the Spanish-surnamed; 13 per cent of the American Indians and 33 per cent of the whites.For orientals, 42 per cent had bachelor's degrees.