The insurance policy covering the Manassas police department's cruisers has been canceled because city police have been involved in 13 traffic accidents in the last two years.

City Manager C. M. Moyer Jr. told the City Council on Tuesday night that after the Maryland Casualty Co. cancelled the policy the city was forced to insure the police cars with another company. The new high-risk coverage policy sometimes is reserved for motorists with bad driving records.

The city manager said the police have obtained the new, less-extensive coverage and supplemented it with another policy - all at no additional cost.

He also said all 23 officers in the city are being required to take a defensive driver training course, which is now under way for some of them.

Moyer said that before the insurance policy was canceled the city tried to arrange driver education for its officers with the State Police, but each time classes "fell through." He said another attempt will be made to get the State Police course started.

Moyer said some of the accidents resulted from highspeed chases. "Some accidents are directly attributable to lack of judgment" by city police, he said, "but you can't second-guess the officers."