Benjamin Hooks, executive director-designate of the NAACP, ands Geno Baroni, assistant secretary-designate for consumer affairs at HUD, will be the featured speakers at a two-day conference later this month sponsored by the city's housing department to gather new ideas for solving the District's housing problems.

The conference will be held Mar. 24 and 25 at the National Housing Center, 15 and M Streets NW.

Housing administrators and community leaders from 20 cities will discuss innovative housing programs that have been used successfully in their cities, in workshops dealing with topics ranging from housing rehabilitation to commercial reviatlization andthe tennant's role in housing management.

"We felt that bringing representatives of these programs to the District for a conference would be more effective and efficient than sending small groups of people to see some of these programs," said Lorenzo Jacobs, director of the city's housing department.

The Potomac chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, the Washington Board of Realtors, the D.C. Homebuilders Association and the Metropolitan Washington Savins and Loan League are co-sponsoring the conference.

Persons interested in attending should call Peggy Earner at 724-8630.

The department of human resources information and referral center has moved to Room 8030, 500 1st St. NW, and has a new telephone number (724-5466). The center receives about 1,000 calls a week from residents seeking information on health and social services offered by the department.