The following District high school seniors were among the 475 winners in the 13th annual National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding Negro Students, chosen from the 1200 highest scoring back finalists in the 1977 Achievement Program.

Each finalist competed for one of the 323 National Achievement $1,000 scholarships announced today. Those scholarships are one-time, nonrenewable awards, financed by grants to the Achievement Program from business and industrial firms, and by donor contributions. All winners were chosen by a selection committee composed of professionals in the field of college admissions and counseling.

District students who won the $1,000 scholarships are Austin P. Banks, 3112 Chesnut St. NE, of McKinley High School; Reuben C. Cahn, 5500 39th St. NW, of St. Albans High School; Rona M. Cross, 1235 4th St. SW, of Wilson High School; Cameron D. Dryden, 6217 Mebraska Ave. NW, of Wilson High School; Robert F. Murray III, 510 Aspen St. NW, of the School Without Walls; Cecile M Scoon, 4311 Argyle Terr. NW, of National cathedral High School, and Lauren M. Robinson, 735 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, of Wilson High School.

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation also announced the 152 winners of corporate sponsored four-year Achievement Scholarships. The winners were chosen from a pool of promising black students who attained finalist standing and met preferential criteria specified by the organizations supporting the awards. Winners of these awards receive an average stipend of more than $1,400 per year, or $5,600 over the college undergraduate years. Those awards, named for the organization providing support, are renewable for up to four years of college undergraduate study. The awards are supported by grants to the Achievement Program from corporations, foundations, business organizations and trusts.

District students who won corporate sponsored four-year Achievement Scholarships are Althea E. Walker, 1700 Shepherd St. NW, of the Academy of Notre Dame, a Bechtel Foundation Achievement Scholarship; and Joanne C. Wilson, 4620 Alabama Ave. SE. of Woodson High School, a Bell Telephone Laboratories Achievement Scholarship.

In May, about 100 winners of a third type of award, College Sponsored Four-Year Achievement Scholarships, are to be notified.