Howard University's eight-year-old solid state electronics program is getting new impetus through financial and technical support from the Rockwell International Corporation.

The Department of Electrical Engineering has received $215,000 from Rockwell since April 1976 along with technical expertise and laboratory facilities.

In addition, the department has received a $150,000 contract from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration through its Office of Univeristy Affairs and the Goddard Space Center. The department will conduct research in the area of microwave applications of solid state electronic devices under the NASA contract.

The support from Rockwell is part of an effort to attract government-sponsored research contracts in the field of solid state electronics to predominantly black schools, in order to help produce top-rate engineers with advanced degrees in the field. In the last five years, the nation has produced an average of only 13 black Ph.D. graduates in engineering per year, according to the university.

North Carolina A&T State University is the other Rockwell recipient in the program.

The three-year solid stae electronics program is part of a cooperative industry-university effort under the leadership of Rockwell. Cornell University is providing Howard with technical support through special seminars and lectures, with financial support from Rockwell. And the National Schence Foundation and Rockwell are providing major funds for initial laboratory development.