Plans to tear down the historic old Dunbar High School building beginning April 1 were ordered delayed yesterday by Chief Judge Harold H. Greene of D.C. Superior Court.

Greene made the ruling in an interim order, and made it clear that he was not deciding the ultimate fate of the building, which is located on 1st Street between N and O Streets NW.

He said he wished to halt the planned destruction until the city government provides him with more information. He said he needs the information to decide a suit filed by the Dunbar High School Alumni Association, in an effort to preserve the building.

The city wants to tear down Old Dunbar and use the site to build a stadium for New Dunbar, which is located a block away. Since those plans were first formulated some years ago Old Dunbar, which has a distinguished list of black graduates to its credit, has been designated a historical landmark and placed on the Inventory of Historic Sites.

The Dunbar High School Alumni Association contends that it was denied "the right to participate in an orderly and fair process of decision-making," Greene said.

Greene gave the city until Wednesday to provide him with a transcript of a public hearing on the demolition plans held last year and other materials he said he required to determine whether the alumni had a chance to make views known.