The city has announced plans to cut back on garbage collection from twice a week to once a week this fall in wards three, four, five, seven and eight. Washington Post staff writer Sharon Conway and staff photographer Margaret Thomas asked residents of wards three and five what they thought of the change.

Regina Brown, 20, unemployed, lives on Holbrook Street NE: "We have our trash picked up every day anyway. I live in an apartment and they do the pickup. It won't effect me at all."

Connie Colvin, 24, a travel counselor who lives on T Street NW: "I would not like them to reduce services. I don't even think they come to my house twice a week as it is. The trash just builds up around here."

Carman Johnson, a housewife who lives on Virginia Avenue NW: "I think they should do it twice a week. The trash gets so bad in the alleys around here. It should be picked up more often."

Robert Norman, 34, a security guard who lives on Trinidad Avenue NE: "You're kidding. Twice a week isn't enough. And now it's going to once a week. They should increase it to three a week. As it stands now, when we have a holiday it throws everybody off."

Laura Shaw, a food service manager who lives on Sheppard Street NE: "Are they going to cut down taxes too? They can't cut the service down. With our taxes as high as they are, I don't think they should do it."

Andy Simon, 20, works for the public defender and lives on W Place NW: "Obviously it's twice as bad. We have enough roaches in the house now and the garbage is picked up twice a week. If it's only once a week, they'll be twice as bad."

Ida Williams, 28, an office cleaner who lives on Morton Street NE: "Once a week! We have so much trash built up as it is. I've seen rats as big as a cat around here. How are we doing to live? They should do it five days a week."