A man accused of holding nine persons hostage inside a Silver Spring bank last month has been indicted by a Montgomery County grand jury on nine counts of kidnaping and seven of assault with intent to murder.

Stephen Wyatt Gregory, 27, of 8704 Milford Rd., Silver Spring, who also allegedly used two rifles to fire more than 200 bullets inside the Blair Park branch of the Citizens Bank of Maryland Feb. 9, was also charged with nine counts of false imprisonment and 12 of simple assault.

Conviction on any one of the kidnaping or assault wiht intent to murder charges could result in a prison term up to 30 years. The indicatments were returned Thursday and released by yesterday.

Although the bank takeover was at first believed to have resulted from a holdup attempt, the gunman never demanded money during the seven-hour seige, police reported.

Gregory is being held at the Montgomery County Detention Center.

The grand jury also indicated Daniel R. Evans, 28, of 3517 Toledo Ter., Hyattsillve, on one count with intent to murder stemming from an incident Feb. 12.

On that day Evans allegedly broke into a garden apartment in Garett Park rented by his estranged wife and held his son at gunpoint while firing at police officers.

The jury also indicted Evans on 17 counts of assult, one of daytime housebreaking and one of false imprisonment. Evans is also being held at the county detention center.