Two pistoltoting Turkish teen-agers surrendered without a flight tonight after hijacking an airliner to Beirut and demanding $300,000 and a visit to the nearest Palestinian refugee camp.

The bizarre episode ended when Lebanese authorities persuaded the two 18-year-olds to give up peacefully after the plane landed here.

"It was made very clear that they were not going to get anything they asked for and that we meant business. They finally accepted that," said Lebanese Interior Minister Salah Salman.

None of the 17 passengers aboard the Turkish Airlines Boeing 727, on domestic flight from Dharbakir to the Turkish capital Ankara, was injured.

The hijackers, identified by Lebanese police as Mohammed Hassan Guzel and Issmail Jama Ashan, ordered the pilot to fly to Beirut once they gained control of the aircraft.

When the plane landed here, almost out of fuel, it was surrounded by members of the Arab peacekeeping force who guard the airport.

Crew members said the youths were not hostile once they took over the plane. One stood at the cockpit entrance pointing a gun at the three crew members while the other covered the passengers and cabin attendants.

About 1 1/2 hours after the plane landed, the hijackers allowed the passengers to leave. An hour later, they surrendered.