Students at Catholic University's Law School, who have been protesting the appointment of a new gcan, voted yesterday to suspend their boycott of classes as a move to help resolve the dispute.

The controversy erupted two weeks ago when Catholic University president Clarence C. Walton named longtime law professor John Garvey to be dean of the school effective July 1. Walton said the school, which has had a succession of acting deans, needed firm leadership.

But students and some faculty members protested Walton's failure to submit Garvey's name to a student-faculty search committee that had been formed to investigate candidates and recommend appointees.

In suspending the boycott yesterday, the first day of scheduled classes following a week-long spring recess, the law students said they wanted to show their "good faith" to the university's board of trustees. They voiced hope they could present their views to the board at a meeting Saturday.

At the same time, the students said they and their faculty supporters would wear white armbands inside the law school building to indicate their views on Garvey's appointment until "a fair solution" is found.

Two student spokespersons, Susan Arnett and Robert Brackman, said such a solution could ultimately include appointment of Garvey if proper selection procedures were followed.