Recently the city has tried to restrict commuter parking in certain areas of the city - in Georgetown, Capital Hill, Foggy Bottom and the Sheridan Circle-Kalorama areas. D.C. Superior Court Judge Charles A. Halleck has issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the restrictions from being enforced. Washington Post staff writer Sharon Conway and staff photographer Margaret Thomas asked residents in the Georgetown and Sheridan Circle areas if they were in favor of the plan to issue parking permits to residents only.

Thomas Bruce, a student who lives on 31st Street NW: "I think it'd be a good idea. Especially to get the cars out of Georgetown.It's not liveable with all the cars. If you go out shopping, you never find a space when you get back. It'd be nice to be able to walk around."

Ruth Cavanaugh, retired, lives on Dent Place NW: "Well, I'm a resident and it can be a real hassle for the people who live here. But I can see how the merchants wouldn't like the ban, I haven't resolved it, really.

Rifat Edin, a student who lives at 31st P Streets NW: "I think it's a good idea. We won't have these cars all around. It's too much trouble to have a car now, so I don't.

Julia Markus, a writer who lives on Decatur Place NW: "It sounds like a good idea to me. It has gotten much worse around here lately. The diplomats park illegally and I get the tickets."

Pat Ronan, a student who lives on Adams Mill Road NW: "I think it's terrible. I go to school around here and it's a pain to find a place to park. I think they shouldn't do it. They should get Metro finished so parking wouldn't be a problem."

Marietta Sharp, a student adviser and teacher who lives on Fulton Street NW: "I'm sure we would be happy about that. We have people coming to work who need a place to park. Wait, that would affects us, wouldn't it? The people who live here do have to have a place to park."

Mrs. Mansfield Sprague, lives at Scott Place NW: "Well, we haven't been bothered too much by parking. I live on an off-street. I do think traffic is getting so much more congested. I think they should prohibit all traffic on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown."