Two policemen met last Sunday in a parking lot in Rock Creek Park and, according to papers filed in Superior Court, one policeman gave the other five $100 bills.

In addition, according to the court papers, the officer who handed over the currency "discussed a later payoff of $1,500 upon favorable action" in the case of a gambling suspect arrested Feb. 18.

On Tuesday, D.C. police said, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Officer Ronaldi D. Green, of the fourth district, on a charge of "corrupt influence of officials."

Police said Green was placed under arrest at fourthd district headquarters at 10:10 a.m. yesterday and charged with bribery. He surrendered his badge and gun and was suspended without pay from the department, police said.

According to accounts provided by police, the incident stemmed from the arrest on Feb. 18 of Joseph Davis, 65, at his home at 648 Lamont St. NW on charges of operating a lottery and violating the Uniform Narcotics Act. Davis was arrested on a warrant obtained by the fourth district gambling squad, police said.

A week after the arrest, according to court papers, Green approached Officer Ronald C. James, an investigator with the fourth district gambling squad, and expressed interest in Davis' case.

On March 2, according to the affidavit filed in support of the arrest warrant for Green, he "offered investigator James $2,000 for his assistance in keeping . . . Davis out of jail."

On the same day, James notified his superiors of the alleged conversation and police began an investigation, Insp. Charles M. Troublefield, commander of the fourth district said in an interview.

The affidavit, sworn by a member of the police internal affairs division, says on Sunday, Green "contacted" James, told him he had the money and made arrangements to meet the payoff.

According to the affidavit, the meeting too place about 1:15 p.m. at the tennis court parking lot in Rock Creek Park adjacent to 16th Street and Morrow Drive NW.

There, the affidavit says, "Green gave investigator James five $100 bills and discussed a later payoff a $1,500 upon favorable action in the Joseph Davis case."

Police said that Green, 27, was a police cadet from March 11, 1968 to Aug. 9, 1968. They said he was appointed an officer on Aug. 11, 1963.