The Rev. Timothy Stafford Healy S.J. was inaugurated yesterday as the 46th president of Georgetown University.

The Jesuit scholar, who was formerly vice chancellor for academic affairs of the City University of New York, spoke on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the 16th century Basque who rounded the religious order to which both Healy and Georgetown belong.

Although the text was spiritual, much of the message was practical. Healy urged the administration, faculty and students of Georgetown to play an active role in the development of Washington.

"There is no way," Healy said, "that Georgetown can absolve itself from the responsibility which man and God have given it to serve the city which is taking shape around it.

"I am aware that in addressing the problems of the District," he continued, "we are going to feel strain, stress, confusion and at times hurt. There is no way that the human complexity of a great city can avoid these unfortunate and bitter consequences.

"Georgetown fails, however, if we are not involved in the political and economic evolution of the city; if we are not really of use in the development of its new university; if we are not of help to all the other forms of education within the District.

"Our help cannot be pastoral. God has made us a university and not a church. For the same reason that the burden of our help ought not to be pastoral, it must be educational."