Most new professional jobs in Labor Department's expanding Employment and Training Administration (ETA) will be set aside for women, minority group members and the Vietnam veterans.

Race, sex and military service goals for the ETA - which has 3,597 employees - will apply to nearly 500 new professional positions at Grades 5 through 12 that will pay $9,303 to $20,442. The buildup is to handle President Carter's new private job stimulus program.

Labor officials stress that ETA's new professional hiring guidelines, set down by administrator Ernest Green, are not quotas - which are illegal - but are flexible goals that officials are encouraged to meet.

A memo from Green to ETA's top staff said "specific goals" for the national office and field installations will be out within a week. But the March 16 directive to the ETA staff calls for these hiring goals:

35 per cent of all new professional staffers should be minority group members "with special emphasis placed upon increasing the level of Hispanic employees."

Four of every 10 new professional jobs should be filled by women.

35 per cent of "all new professional hires" are to be Vietnamera veterans.

At least 3 of every 10 new professional jobs must be filled from in-house, from employees in "upward mobility" programs.