Plans have been announced for the merger of Federal City College with D.C. Teacher's College and Washington Technical Institute. Washington Post staff writer Louise A. Reid and staff photographer Margaret Thomas went to Federal City's Mount Vernon Square Campus at 2d and E Streets NW and asked students and instructors if they thought the merger would improve education.

Shella Carson, 19, a freshman who lives at 4043 St. SE: "I think it will be a good merger if they can get together. They're trying to fight over power now. If they get together on it, the merger will probably be good. It'll mean more courses will be given and people will get more chances to get good degrees."

Jesse Fitzgrald, 23, a junior who lives on Savannah Terrace SE: "I think it will give the school the recognition it deserves and bring about more uniform education for students who can't afford to go to schools that cost a lot of money. It will offer lower income students of D.C. a better quality of education. Through this, it will have a great impact on lifestyles and uplift the social standards of D.C."

Keith Johnson, 19, a freshman who resides on E St. SE: "I think that the merger is going to improve education very much at Federal City because they will be more money in the school. Because there will be more money, there will be more opportunities both in academics and extracurricular activities. We will receive more recognition as a good institution of higher education."

Curtis Massey, 27, a graduate student and FCC counselor who resides in Anacostia: "I feel positive about the whole thing. I hope there will be more funds for better facilities and a centralized campus. Right now, the campus is scattered over the whole city. The merger will also bring more money into the school and will definitely increase the quality of education because of the different types of personalities included in the schools."

John Milcetich, 31, a math instructor who resides at 16th and Harvard St. NW: "They want to increase the teaching load to 15 credit hours. That's about impossible. I teach 11 hours. Since Sunday, I have worked 46 hours. I still have more work to do today (Friday) and tomorrow. It will come out to 50 hours, at least. . ."

Evelyn Nimmons, 20, a freshman who resides on 15th St. NE: "I think the merger will not help Washington Tech because it is a two year school. It will do more to hein Federal City. It will probably be better for Federal City College because it will be more modern."

Angela Torruella, 29, a junior from Hyattsville: "My opinion of education at Federal City is that it's good. A lot of people feel that it's not as good as Howard, but I feel it's just as good or better. I don't think the merger will have a negative effect. I think the school will continue to be as good as now, if not better.