Adel-Sultan Khalatbari, 76, a noted Iranian scholar, journalist and poet, died March 25 in Teheran.

Since 1971, he had divided his time between Washington and Iran. With the help of his sons, he had purchased property on 16th Street NW here for the Iran International Student Center.

It was designed to house and provide guidance for Iranian students.He also initiated plans for expansion into a library and Cultural center. The student center is operated by two of his sons, Goga and Adel F., both of Silver Spring.

Mr. Khalatbari grew up on the shores of the Caspian Sea and later moved to Teheran, where he attended French schools. While a youth, he established the Society of Iranian Scholars.

In 1930, he began publishing a daily paper, Ayandeh Iran (Future of Iran). A year later, he married Fakhr Adel, a Persian poet, educator and newspaper reporter.

Together, they worked for equal rights for women in Iran and published Iranian Ladies Journal. Mrs. Khalatbari died here in 1967.

During World War II, Mr. Khalatbari was arrested and exiled by the Russians. He became active in prison reform and worked toward the freeing of both political and nonpolitical prisoners.

He initiated the International Foundation of Culture in this country. He received the Certificate of Universal Brotherhood from the Club Internationale, Inc., of Washington.

Besides his two sons in Silver Spring, he is survived by another son, Farshid, of Great Falls, Va.; four daughters, Simim Behbahani, of Teheran; Taraneh Sohrab and Farkhondeh, of Silver Spring, and Feresteh Rafati, of Great Falls; three brothers and a sister, all of Iran, and 11 grandchildren.