Washington: Today - Sunny, high near 50, low near 30. The chance of rain is 10 per cent today, near zero tonight. Thursday - Sunny, high in the low 50s.

Maryland and Virginia: Today - Sunny, highs from the mid 30s to the mid 50s, lows from the low 20s to the low 30s. Thursday - Sunny, highs from the mid 40s to the upper 50s.

West Virginia: Today - Breezy and cold. There is a chance of snow in the south, and snow is likely in the north. Highs will be from mid 30s to near 50. Thursday - Party sunny, highs from the upper 40s to the upper 50s.

Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay: Today - Fair, with visibility of more than 5 miles. Winds will be from the northwest at from 15 to 25 knots with gusts. Waves in unprotected waters will be form 3 to 5 feet.

Extended Area Forecast for Friday through Sunday: Fair through the period. Highs will be in the 50s, lows from the low 30s to near 40. Normal Washington temperatures for the period are a high of 64 and a low of 43.

The National Weather Forecast for today - Scattered snow is forecast across the Great Lakes, the upper Mississippi Valley and the northern Plains. Rain will fall across much of Maine. Fair weather is expected elsewhere. It will be warmer across the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, but colder in the Appalacthians, New York and on most of the Atlantic Coast. Otherwise, little temperature change is forecast.

Almanac Data for today - Sun rises 5:46 a.m. sets 6:36 p.m.; moon rises 9:30 p.m., sets 7:27 a.m. Tides: High 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Low 3:47 a.m. and 4:27 p.m. High and low tides at the following locations can be obtained by subtracting the hours indicated from the tides above. Annapolis (3 1/2): Bloody Point Lighthouse (4 1/2); Deale, Md. (4 1/2): Colonial Beach (6): Norfolk (1 1/2): Virginia Beach (1): Solomons Island (6 1/2): Point Lookout (7).

The Council of Governments' Air Quality Index for yesterday showed the high reading in the Washington area during the 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. period was 19 for the pollutant, particulate matter. Index values between zero and 24 indicate good air quality. When the index exceeds 100 the air becomes hazardous and persons with lung, heart and eye problems should restrict their activity. The forecast for today indicates the air quality will be good.

The National Weather Service forecasts that the Potomac River stage at Little Falls will be near 8 feet.

Washington data at 7 p.m. (EST) yesterday: Highest temperature since 7 a.m. yesterday, 60 degrees at 4:50 p.m. Lowest temperature since midnight, 49 degrees at midnight. Excess of temperature since April 1, 28 degrees. Excess of temperature since Jan. 1, 21 degrees. Record high temperature for today, 92 degrees in 1929. Record low temperature for today, 26 degrees in 1898. Relative humidity: Maximum, 100 per cent at midnight: Minimum, 57 per cent at 6 p.m. 24 hour precipation, .43 inches. Excess of preciptation since April 1, .81 inches. Deficiency of preciptation since Jan. 1, 3.26 inches. Highest observed wind since 7 a.m. 25 miles per hour from the west at 5 p.m. Peak gust since 7 a.m. 45 miles per hour from the southwest at 4:45 p.m. Local Temp., Humidity(TABLE) Time(COLUMN)T.(COLUMN)H. 12 mid.(COLUMN)49(COLUMN)100 1 a.m.(COLUMN)49(COLUMN)100 2 a.m.(COLUMN)49(COLUMN)100 3 a.m.(COLUMN)50(COLUMN)100 4 a.m.(COLUMN)50(COLUMN)100 5 a.m.(COLUMN)50(COLUMN)100 6 a.m.(COLUMN)50(COLUMN)100 7 a.m.(COLUMN)51(COLUMN)100 8 a.m.(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)100 9 a.m.(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)100 10 a.m.(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)100 11 a.m.(COLUMN)53(COLUMN)100 12 noon(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)100 1 p.m.(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)100 2 p.m.(COLUMN)53(COLUMN)100 3 p.m.(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)93 4 p.m.(COLUMN)58(COLUMN)90 5 p.m.(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)64 6 p.m.(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)57 7 p.m.(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)57(END TABLE) Temperatures ending 8 p.m. (EST) yesterday:(TABLE) City(COLUMN)H.(COLUMN)L. Albany(COLUMN)43(COLUMN)35 Albuquerque(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)34 Amarillo(COLUMN)59(COLUMN)35 Anchorage(COLUMN)47(COLUMN)39 Asheville(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)52 Atlanta(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)48 Atlantic City(COLUMN)51(COLUMN)45 Austin(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)48 Baltimore(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)46 Billings(COLUMN)47(COLUMN)38 Birmingham(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)48 Bismarck(COLUMN)37(COLUMN)21 Boise(COLUMN)69(COLUMN)41 Boston(COLUMN)47(COLUMN)37 Brownsville(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)47 Buffalo(COLUMN)47(COLUMN)40 Burlington(COLUMN)42(COLUMN)36 Casper(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)31 Charlton, S.C.(COLUMN)80(COLUMN)64 Charlton, W.Va.(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)44 Charlotte(COLUMN)78(COLUMN)55 Cheyenne(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)30 Chicago(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)31 Cincinnati(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)35 Cleveland(COLUMN)59(COLUMN)37 Columbia, S.C.(COLUMN)85(COLUMN)57 Columbus(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)39 Dal. Ft. Worth(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)45 Dayton(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)36 Denver(COLUMN)48(COLUMN)31 Des Moines(COLUMN)43(COLUMN)32 Detroit(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)38 Duluth(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)21 El Paso(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)37 Fairbanks(COLUMN)44(COLUMN)20 Fargo(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)21 Great Falls(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)31 Hartford(COLUMN)51(COLUMN)36 Helena(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)29 Honolulu(COLUMN)83(COLUMN)70 Houston(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)45 Indianapolis(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)32 Jackson, Miss.(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)46 Jacksonville(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)74 Juneau(COLUMN)49(COLUMN)40 Kansas City(COLUMN)45(COLUMN)31 Las Vegas(COLUMN)76(COLUMN)51 Little Rock(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)41 Los Angeles(COLUMN)74(COLUMN)53 Louisville(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)39 Memphis(COLUMN)65(COLUMN)41 Miami Beach(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)76 Midland-Odes.(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)35 Milwaukee(COLUMN)40(COLUMN)31 Mpls-St. Paul(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)27 Nashville(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)43 New Orleans(COLUMN)80(COLUMN)54 New York(COLUMN)49(COLUMN)39 Norfolk(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)56 North Platte(COLUMN)37(COLUMN)26 Okla. City(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)31 Omaha(COLUMN)43(COLUMN)30 Orlando(COLUMN)90(COLUMN)72 Philadelphia(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)43 Phoenix(COLUMN)76(COLUMN)52 Pittsburgh(COLUMN)50(COLUMN)43 Portland, me.(COLUMN)49(COLUMN)33 Portland, Ore.(COLUMN)70(COLUMN)41 Providence(COLUMN)48(COLUMN)38 Raleigh(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)61 Rapid City(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)31 Reno(COLUMN)75(COLUMN)35 Richmond(COLUMN)59(COLUMN)48 St. Louis(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)34 St. Pbg. Tamp.(COLUMN)85(COLUMN)76 Salt Lake City(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)40 San Antonio(COLUMN)71(COLUMN)43 San Diego(COLUMN)69(COLUMN)53 San Fran.(COLUMN)56(COLUMN)46 San Juan(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)72 St. Ste. Marie(COLUMN)38(COLUMN)25 Seattle(COLUMN)63(COLUMN)44 Shreveport(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)42 Sioux Falls(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)24 Spokane(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)39 Syracuse(COLUMN)44(COLUMN)26 Topeka(COLUMN)46(COLUMN)34 Tucson(COLUMN)69(COLUMN)44 Tulsa(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)33 Washington(COLUMN)58(COLUMN)47 Wichita(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)31(END TABLE) Temperatures Abroad Yesterday(TABLE) City(COLUMN)Weather(COLUMN)Time(COLUMN)Temp. Aberdeen(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)52 Amsterdam(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)46 Ankara(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN)3 p.m.(COLUMN)72 Athens(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)70 Auckland(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)mid.(COLUMN)61 Berlin(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)45 Birmingham(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)46 Brussels(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)46 Cairo(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)75 Casablanca(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)noon(COLUMN)66 Copenhagen(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)43 Dublin(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)48 Geneva(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)48 Hong Kong(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)73 Lisbon(COLUMN)rain(COLUMN)noon(COLUMN)55 London(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)50 Madrid(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)64 Malta(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)75 Manila(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)81 Moscow(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)3 p.m.(COLUMN)43 New Delhi(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)5 p.m.(COLUMN)86 Nice(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)66 Oslo(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)43 Paris(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)48 Peking(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)54 Rome(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)61 Saigon(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)8 p.m.(COLUMN)82 Sofia(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)66 Stockholm(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)39 Sydney(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)10 p.m.(COLUMN)73 Tel Aviv(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)2 p.m.(COLUMN)61 Tokyo(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)9 p.m.(COLUMN)57 Tunis(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)86 Vienna(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)50 Warsaw(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)1 p.m.(COLUMN)46(END TABLE) Temperatures (Western Hemisphere)(TABLE) City (COLUMN)Weather(COLUMN)High(COLUMN)Low Acapulco(COLUMN)sunny(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)70 Barbados(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)82(COLUMN)73 Bermuda(COLUMN)sunny(COLUMN)72(COLUMN)66 Calgary(COLUMN)clear(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)28 Culiacan(COLUMN)pt. sunny(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)52 Edmonton(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)30 Havana(COLUMN)sunny(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)70 Montego Bay(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)88(COLUMN)68 Mexico City(COLUMN)haze(COLUMN)85(COLUMN)48 Monterrey(COLUMN)sunny(COLUMN)77(COLUMN)45 Nassau(COLUMN)sunny(COLUMN)85(COLUMN)73 Regina(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)21 St. Kitts(COLUMN)pt. sunny(COLUMN)84(COLUMN)72 St. Thomas(COLUMN)pt. cldy(COLUMN)86(COLUMN)75 Toronto(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)37(COLUMN)34 Vancouver(COLUMN)fog(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)36 Veracruz(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)99(COLUMN)72 Winnipeg(COLUMN)cloudy(COLUMN)36(COLUMN)16(END TABLE)