Bowie residents this week elected two new city council members, reelected two incombents, and voted by a narrow margin against separating their glass, cans and paper from household trash.

"It was a lackluster campaign. The personalities of candidates came into play and personal contact," according to Richard B. Bulman, who ran unopposed and regained his district 5 seat with 1,856 votes.

Bulman said the only issues that might have had some influence on the election were taxes and the construction of a swimming pool in White Mark Park.

Other winners in the election were: John B. Cummings, who was elected to the council from district 3 with 1,239 votes, defeating appointed incumbent Ronald R. McClennan and William J. Schuhl.

Michael F. Dimario was elected to an at-large seat in district 6 with 1,278 votes, defeating incumbent Mrs. Aldene B. Bain and Eugene M. Newman.

Incumbent Richard J. Logue was re-elected to the district 2 seat with 1,840 votes, defeating Paul Champion and Bob Bassette.

The four winners will be sworn in April 11 and will serve three-year terms.

There was one advisory ballot measure that asked residents whether they favored "mandatory separation by residents of glass, cans and paper from other trash." That measure received 1,276 "No" votes and 1,241 "Yes" votes.

A total of 3,216 voters turned out for election with 19 absentee votes, according to G. Charles Moore, Bowie city manager who announced the election results.

The three other city councilman face re-election next year according to Moore.