The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts presents a large variety of cultural activities each year. Ballet, opera, orchestral and chamber music concerts, plays and film are scheduled in wide range of prices. Washington Post staff writer Sharon Conway and staff photographer Ellsworth Davis went to Lafayette Park at 16th Street and Pennsylavania Avenue NW to ask District residents if they think the Kennedy Center reflects a local as well as national image.

Sharon Braswell, 20, a clerk typist who lives on Darrington Street SW: "Yes, I think it reflects the District. It has a nice location and there are all the things they have going on there. I go, but not too often, because, I don't have time to get there."

Richard Cunningham, 29, lives on I Street NW and works in art conservation: "The Kennedy Center reflects the District according to what class you're talking about. It reflects the upper class, middle class, not that it's restrictive to any economic group, if they can afford the tickets. There's the AFI (American Film Institute) which is inexpensive and if people want to they can go there every night. There is necessity for something like it in the city."

Warren Dagenbach, 21, an intern with the Chamber of Commerce who lives on Rhode Island Avenue NW: "I've just moved here, but this city has a lot to offer and the Kennedy Center represents most of the culture. I've been there a number of times to dramas and musicals, plays. I do think the ticket prices are high."

Robert Denfendorf, 23, lives on Connecticut Avenue NW and works for a nutruition foundation: "I enjoy going there. I've discovered that I'm now enjoying the ballet, and I went once to the opera. I see a big difference in the people who go there. The ballet brings in a wide spectrum, but the opera, its's more the New York City type, the fur crowd. There is enough of a variety for anyone who would want to go."

Beverly Henderson, 24, a clerk typist who lives on I Street SE: "I used to work there. I think it's nice. There is a lot of entertainment for everyone, and it's educational for the children. It's also so pretty."

Marie Howard, 65, a retiree who lives on Central Avenue SE: I've only been there on a couple of occasions. I go with a senior citizens group. There seems to be something there for everybody. I always get a discount, so we get a break on the price of tickets when we go."

Hayes Kavanagh, 36, a lawyer who lives on 31st Place NW: "I don't know what to compare it to because I don't go to other places that often. It did strike me as being expensive. My wife goes there a lot."

Andrew Munroe, 35, a lawyer who lives on Biltmore Street NW: "I don't really think the Center is supposed to reflect the District's interest. It is a national center, for the national interest.Although they do put on local theater productions."

BeverlyWhite, 21, a clerk typist who lives on Peabody Street NW: I think it represents averything it stands for, culture, the statues, the shows they have there. I go quite often. The schools go over there too for special programs. I think it's nice."