Votes of area members of Congress on key roll calls for the week ending April 8, 1977. HOUSE

Debt Collection. With the close vote indicating a growing reluctance to approved new federal regulation of economic activity, the House passed by a one-vote margin, 199-198, a bill to outlaw abusive tactics by bill collection agencies. Similar legislation passed the House by a 77-vote margin in 1976.

The bill prohibits debt collection agencies from using intimidating tactics such as late-night or repeated phone calls, harrassment of a debtor at his workplace, and the use of violence or threatening language. Debt collectors would also be forbidden to falsely pose as lawyers or government agents.

Voting for debt collection practices bill: MARYLAND - Millulski (D), Mitchell (D), Spellman (D), Steers (R).

Voting against debt collection bill: MARYLAND - Bauman (R), Byron (D), Holt (R), Long (D).

Water Pollution Control. By a 361-43 vote, the House passed a bill authorities $17 billion through fiscal 1979 in construction grants to the states for municipal sewage treatment plants.

The bill also extends compliance deadlines on a case-by-case basis up to six years for municipal systems and two years for industries that discharge wastes directly into waters, restricts the authority of the Army Corps of Engineers to issue dredge and fill permits for waters and wetlands, and gives the states shared authority with the Environmental Protection Agency to certify construction grants.

The bill now goes to a House-Senate confernce committee.

Voting for water pollution control bill: MARYLAND - Baumen (R), Byron (D), Hotl (R), Long (d), Milulski (D), Mithcell (D), Spellman. Voting against water pollution control bill: MARYLAND - Steers (R).

International Development. By a 165-189 vote, the House rejected an amendment; to a bill providing for increased United States participation in international financial institutions that would have prohibited these international lending institutions from channelling U.S. funds to Cuba, Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam.

Voting to ban U.S. funds to Cuba, Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam: MARYLAND - Bauman (R), Holt (R), Long (D).

Voting not to ban U.S. funds: MARYLAND - Mikulski (D), Mitchell (D), Steers (R).

Not voting: MARYLAND - Byron (D). SENATE

There were no key roll call votes in Senate.