[WORD ILLEGIBLE] P. Russo, acting director of [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Department of Human Resources, has appointed three top level in the agency. All were named being capacities. Each has at least years' experience in DHR or its [WORD ILLEGIBLE] .

Russo, who was deupty DHR director until Mahor Walter E. Washington [WORD ILLEGIBLE] him to replace the suspended Joseph P. Yeldell last December, since no high-level DHR personnel changes until after Yeldell's fate was decided last week. Yeldell was made as an assistant to the mayor.

William Whitehurst Jr., DHR associated director for planning and a 23-years-old veteran of District welfare processor, was promoted to Russo's old as deputy.

Richard E. Phifer, deputy director [WORD ILLEGIBLE] office of state agency affairs - [WORD ILLEGIBLE] branch with federal agencies [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Whitehurst. He has been in city welfare matters for 19 years.

John Jones, a former welfare specialist in Yedell's office, was appointed executive officer, a job that had been vacant since last November. She began with the agency in 1965.

Russo has the authority to make permanent appointments, but said he felt it would be inappropriate. A spokesman for them mayor said Russo's tenure as acting is related to a major review of DHR currently under way, but that no definite timetable has been set for naming a permanent DHR head.