Federal prosecutors dropped conspiracy charges yesterday against four of five baggage handlers who had been accused last month of participating in "widespread theft" at National Airport.

All charges were dropped against two of the men, while three entered guilty pleas to one charge each as other charges against them were dropped. Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas K. Berger said he could not comment on the reasons the charges were dropped.

Winston H. Andrews, 30, of 13627 Stepney, La., Chantilly, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess property stolen from an interstate shipment. Charges that he also conspired to steal clothing and stolen electronic calculators were dropped.

James P. Bohannon, 39, of 14753,, Delta Ct., Woodbridge, pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Charges of conspiring to possess stolen freight and stolen baggage and to steal and possess mail were dropped along with charges of possession of jewelry, silver ingots, rare coins, a $10,000 savings certificate, two overcoats, postage and coin sets and a firearm all of which allegedly were stolen.

TLawrence T. Moreland, 33, of 125 Manassas Dr., Manassas Park, pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting illegal gambling. Charges that he conspired to possess stolen freight and stolen baggage and to steal and possess mail were dropped along with two counts of possessing stolen jewelry.

Andrews worked for American Airlines, Bohannon and Moreland for Northwest Orient. They are no longer employed by those airlines according to company spokesmen.

All charges against Eugene D. Coletti, 37, of 7200 Ford Ct., Annandale, a United Airlines employee, and Joseph P. Lukasik Jr., 32, of 4324 23rd Parkway Ct., Marlow Heights, an American Airlines employee, were dropped by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Alexandria. They had been charged with conspiracy to possess stolen freight and baggage and to steal and possess mail.

Lukasik is still employed by American Airlines, a company spokesman said. A United spokesman said Coletti is scheduled to resume work today having been dismissed March 21 pending an investigation. The spokesman said Colletti will be reinstated with back pay.

Andrews, Bohannon and Moreland are scheduled for sententing May 20.