A retired physician and his sister, whose badly decomposed bodies were found in their Mt. Rainier home on Wednesday, died of natural causes, according to the state medical examiner who performed the autopsies yesterday.

The man and woman, who lived at 3507 Bunker Hill Dr., Were identified by neighorbors as Dr. Charles Grant and his sister Daisy. Police said they have not yet been able to determine the ages of the couple, who were described by neighbors as being in their 70s.

State Medical Examiner ANn Dixon said yesterday she had ruled out foul play. SHe said the man had apparently died of a heart attack and appeared to have been dead about four days longer than the woman.

Neighbors said Grant was a retired doctor who had lived several years with his invalid sister in a two-story yellow house, partially obscured by overgrown foliage and trees. Grant owned a second house, an apartment building and a lot on Bunker Hill Road, Neighbors said.

Police dicovered bodies in separate bedrooms on the first floor of the home after residents on the block complained of a strong odor coming from the house.

Neighbors said the elderly couple lived a reclusive life. Grant was describe das 'a very quiet, shy man who didn't come out but more than once a month," by his neighbor Joseph Emerick. "In all the years I've lived in this neighborhool, I didn't even know the man lived with his sister," Emerick said.