A story in yesterday's editions incorrectly described Joseph Riley as retiring president of National Savings and Trust. He is the incumbent president and is not retiring.

It was purely accidental. The Metro-politan Washington Board of Trade never intended to invite City Council woman Willie J. Hardy, or any other woman, to its 30th annual "Mah of the Year" dinner.

But "Mr. Willie Hardy" was sent a printed invitation, marked "stag," to the May 10 function along with the eight male members of the city Council and 1,800 other men.

"It was probably a clerical problem, truthfully," Myrna Easa, an adminis-said yesterday. "We had a temporary trative assistant on the board's staff in here addressing invitations, and she probably did not recognize the name."

Hardy said she often gets mail addressed to her as a man, "but certainly not from any prestigious group like the Board of Trade. This has reduced my respect for them."

FOr amoment, Hardy said she considered "going out and getting a black tie," and showing up at the all-male affair.

Instead, she joined with her four female colleagues on the City Council in writing an indignant letter to the board's officials. The councilwomen expressed amazement that the board is not "advanced enough" to honor a "person of the year" and said they considered the exclusion of the councilwomen "a slap in the face."

Councilwoman Polly Shackleton said it was "appalling that the so-called leaders of this community act like kids. They started these (stag dinners) in 1947, and I guess they haven't gotten the word that they've gone out of style."

Hardy said she might attend the dinner if properly invited, but only out of respect for this year's honoree, Joseph Riley, retiring president of National Savings and Trust.

Easa said no response has been made yet to the councilwomen's letter of protest.