A panel set up to investigate a charge of plagiarism against James W. Baldwin, head of the D.C. Human Rights Office, recommended last month that "no action be taken at this time with regard to revoking" Balkwin's doctorate.

A lawyer for Nova University, the Fort Lauderdale, Fla-based institution that awarded the degree, said a further hearing on the charge will be held here today. Baldwin's lawyer, William A. Burleson, said he expected the session to be brief and to endorse the findings of the university's investigating panel.

The university's inquiry began after Richard B. Zamoff, a professor at Trinity College here, charged that a paper Baldwin submitted to fulfill one of the requirments for his degree is a copy of a study Baldwin hired the professor to prepare.

In its March 11 memo, the univeristy panel said the "undisputed fact" that a statistical analysis "was performed by Mr. Zamoff in Mr. Baldwin's JAR (job-related analytical report) does not constitute plagiarism."

The JAR is a special requirement of Nova's three-year, on-the-job doctoral program.

The panel also said that "to date there is insufficient credible eveidence to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that plagiarism occurred."