Despite reports to the contrary, penicillin is not losing its punch as the wonder drug in the treatment of veneral disease, the national Center for Disease Control insists.

In fact, the CDC said yesterday, veneral disease has begun to decline in the United States, partially because of continued use of penicillin.

The CDC said penicillin still is the chief drug it recommends for treatment of gonorrhea, despite urgings that it be replaced with two newer antibiotics.

Dr. Paul Wiesner, director of the CDC's VD Control Division, said there is no danger that new strain of gonorrhea resistant to penicillin, may become the predominant strain in this country.

We're still having cases, and as of April 1, we had 129 cases in 20 states," he said in an interview. "But each out-break appears to have been contained and eradicated with the community."

Last year, the CDC reports, the rate of increase for gonorrhea was one-half of 1 per cent, compared with a rise of 11.4 per cent in 1975. Through the 15th week of this year, the CDC has found a decrease of 4.6 per cent, Wiesner said, the first time it's gone dwon in the United States since record-keeping was begun.