Ray J. Taylor, 59, a former editor and executive of trade newspaper and magazines here, died Thursday at Georgetown University Hospital complications following surgery.

Mr. Taylor came here from his native Pennsylvania in 1960 to become general manager of the Northern Virginia Sun newspaper in Arlington. Before that, Mr. Taylor had been general manager of the Beaver, Valley Times, a newspaper in Beaver, Pt.

After leaving the Sun in 1967, Mr. Taylor became a free-lance editor and writer. In 1965, he became general manager of the Washington World Magazine, a publication focusing on current political events in Washington.

A year later he became editor and public relations representative here for the National Grange, editing the Grange's monthly magazine and occasionally writing articles for it. He also wrote the Grange newsletter.

In 1968, he left the Grange and began publishing the editing a magazine called "Rural America," which ceased publication in 1973. Since then, Mr. Taylor had been a consultant to several local and national publications. In recent months, he had also worked as manager of the trucks division of Curtis Chevrolet in Washington.

Mr. Taylor was born in Waltersburg, Pa., and attended public schools there. He joined the Army Air Corps during World War II. In 1951 he took a job with the Beaver Valley Times and became its general manager in 1955.

Mr. Taylor was a member of the National Press Club, the Arlington Committee of 100, the Newspaper Editors Association and the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.

He is survived by his wife, Georgia, a daughter, Terri, and a son, Thomas, all of the home in Arlington, another daughter, Judy Massabny, of Arlington.