More than 100 Arlington teachers have been notified that they may not receive teaching contracts next year, the Arlington County school board announced last week.

The board also announced the transfer of four elementary school principals to new positions next year. Most of the transfers are part of a voluntary career relocation program sponsored by Arlington schools.

Letters notifying teachers of a reduction in force were sent out to 61 full-time and 45 part-time teachers early this month.

The main reason for the reduction of teachers is the steadily declining pupil enrollment in the Arlington County school system, said Nick Prencipe, assistant director of personnel for Arlington schools.

Other reasons include changes in school programs and the return of several other teachers from leaves of absence, he said.

Despite announcements of a reduction in the teaching staff, there is a strong possibility that many of teachers notified will find work within the Arlington school system next year, Prencipe said.

The school system must notify teachers of a possible cut in staff by April 15, Prencipe explained, while teachers have no deadline to notify the school system if they are leaving.

"Consequently, all through the summer we will be hearing of more teachers leaving," he said. "Whether it be because their husbands are transferred, or they have accepted jobs elsewhere or whatever."

Prencipe said that last year the majority of some 350 teachers notified that they may not receive contracts returned to teach in Arlington, although some of them did not return until after the school year began.

Currently, there are about 1,200 full-and part-time teachers in the Arlington school system. The average distribution of pupils is 26 pupils to one teacher at the elementary level and 19.5 pupils to one teacher at the secondary level. Concerning principal transfers, all but one of the principals will be serving again as principals in different schools.

J.M. Simasek, principal of page Elementary School for five years, will become a special education program specialist in September when Page closes.

Janet Leman, principal at Barrett Elementary School for five years, will become principal at Jamestown Elementary School in September.

Lee Penders, principal at Jamestown Elmentary School for four years, will become principal at Glencarlyn Elmentary School in September, and Lionel Seitzer, Glencarlyn principal for 10 years, will become principal at Barrett Elementary in September.