With the number of summer jobs available to students being limited, high school students were asked what they plan to do this summer. Staff reporter Louise A. Reid and staff photographer Linda Wheeler interviewed students along F Street, N.W.

Antoinette Alford, 16, a sophomore at Notre Dame Academy who lives on Stanton Road SE: "I'm trying to get a job and I intend to go on a couple of trips. I'm looking for a job with the recreating department. I started looking for a job two months ago. But they haven't called me yet."

Charles Clemmons, 16, a sophomore at Mackin High School who lives on Staples Street NE, "I'll be working at Hechingers. I'll be working in the warehouse."

Yvette Clemmons, 28, a senior at Immaculate Conception Academy who lives on Staples Street NE: "I'll be working. I'm going to work with the junior fellowship program. It involves giving people jobs so they can go to college and it guarantees you a job as long as you are in college. My job will be in the government."

Samuel Long, 17, a junior at Street Academy who lives on Randolph Place NW: "This summer I plan to work. I got an evening job cleaning offices on L Street. It didn't take me to long to find the job. I looked a couple of weeks."

John Minick, 18, a senior at Anacostia Senior High School who lives on 4th Street SE: "I plan on going to junior college in Florida this summer - Florida A&M. I haven't really applied yet but I will try to get in the summer courses. I was going down there to play tennis and intend to be enrolled there half of the summer."

Brenda Young, 17, a senior at Immaculate Conception Academy who lives on 4th Street SW: "I'm going to work. My parents are going to make me go to work. I haven't gotten a job yet but I'm looking. I want one in the government."