A Pentagon study team has concluded that the proposed move of two Defense Department agencies from Alexandria's sprawling Cameron Station to another city would add at least $44 million to military costs, rather than save money.

The Pentagon disclosed its findings yesterday in a report submitted to the House Military Appropriations Subcommittee, which had withheld funds for renovation of the facility's World War II-era buildings because of uncertainty over its future. A copy of the report was made public by Rep. Herbert E. Harris (D-Va.)

The study involved the Defense Documentation Center and the Defense Fuel Supply Center, which have about 1,000 employees. Both are units of the Defense Supply Agency, the central procurement arm for all of the armed services, which has its head-quarters at Cameron Station on Duke Street in Alexandria, about a mile east of Interstate Rte. 95.

As recently as two weeks ago, a Harris aide said members of the staff of Vice President Mondale toured Cameron Station with an eye toward seeking the transfer some functions to Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia.

During last year's election campaign, Mondale promised that the historic Philadelphia facility would be kept open if the Carter-Mondale ticket were elected. The Army announced last month that its original plan to close the arsenal had prevailed, and the facility will be shut down this fall.

A move to Frankford was one of seven potential shifts from Cameron Station considered by the Pentagon study team. The team found that moving the two units to Philadelphia would cost $49.7 million more than keeping them Alexandria.

"Based on the analysis, the least-cost solution (for the two units) is to remain at Cameron Station," the study report found. "Remaining at Cameron Station is the only choice that would not cause a loss of productivity or a disruption of services."

Harris, who district includes Alexandria, hailed the report, saying it should eliminate fears of a move among the affected employees and some 3,000 others who work at the installation. "This report should tell the poachers - the people who have been urging the moves - to keep their hands off," Harris said.

The Pentagon study, conducted by the economic analysis branch of the Defense Supply Agency, was conducted under the terms of a Defense Department policy "to locate activities outside the national capital region whenever it is feasible and economical to do so."