A 16-year-old Northwest Washington youth was shot and fatally wounded last night in a street-corner dispute, D.C. police reported. Witnesses said the dispute apparently stemmed from an exchange of words between several youths and a girl.

The victim was identified as Stanley K. Austin of 1408 Alison St. NW. Police said he was shot once in the chest with a handgun about 8 p.m. at the corner of 14th and Alison Streets.

According to the account of a neighborhood resident, the incident that apparently led to the shooting began when a group of youths at 14th and Alison Street sought to engage a teen-age girl in conversation.

The witness said the girl, with whom the youths were not acquainted, was believed to be on her way to a nearby store.

"They (the youths) were talking to her, asking questions, asking her name and telephone number," the witness said. "Then,' according to the witness, "she started calling them names" and they replied in kind.

Finally, the witness said, the girl left, after telling the youths she would return with a friend.

She returned shortly afterward, according to the account, accompanied by a youth who was perhaps 16 or 17 years old.

The youth accompanying the girl approached Austin, apparently because he was the tallest of those on the corner, the witness continued.

The youth asked for an apology, the witness recalled.

"For what?" Austin was quoted as replying.

At that point, according to the witness, Austin was shot once in the chest, and the youth ran off.

Austin ran toward his near by home but collapsed a few feet away.

Police said he was taken by private automobile to Washington Hospital Center wher he was pronounced dead about 9 p.m.

Neighborhood residents said they believed Austin had attended Alice Deal Junior High School.

"He was as nice as could be", one neighbor said.