Life at sea apparently agrees with ailing Maryland Gov. Marvin Mandel, who was aboard the state yacht the Maryland Lady for a fifth day yesterday. But the long vigil at her husband's side may be taking its toll on the nerves of his wife, Jeanne.

A reporter for the Easton Banner said that Mrs. Mandel "pushed, shoved and yelled" at him and threatened to push him into the water when he sought to take a picture at the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford on Monday.

"If you take one picture I'll push you in that river," reporter Bill Hingst quoted the state's First Lady as telling him.

Hingst said Mrs. Mandel, red-faced and yelling, grabbed his coat and pushed him along the dock for about 30 feet as she returned from the yacht club to board the ship.

"Why don't you leave me and my husband alone? He's a very sick man." Hingst said she told him. "Get out of here. We just want to rest and be left alone. We're on a cruise here and we don't want to be disturbed by any reporters."

Hingst said two state marine police warned him to leave the dock, saying, "She means what she says."

The Mandels began their cruise of the Chesapeake Bay on Friday, at the suggestion of the governor's physician, who said it would help Mandel recuperate from an undiagnosed brain ailment that hospitalized him April 5.