It's baseball season again and kids and their parents are making that long trip up to Baltimore, the nearest major league baseball town, to indulge in the national pasttime. Lately rumors have been spreading that both the American and National Leagues are interested in exploring ways to return baseball to Washington. Staff writer Sharon Conway and staff photographer Linda Wheeler went to 2nd Street and Pennsylvania Svenue SE on Capitol Hill to ask city residents if they wanted baseball to return to RFK Stadium and would they support it.

Dawne Cina, 32, a secretary who lives on 2nd Street SE: "I'd love to have a baseball. I still believe it's our national sport. I grew up in Brooklyn and loved the Dodgers. Of course I'd go. I used to see the Senators a lot, about 15 games a year."

Robert Dicks, 30, a delivery man who lives on Holbrook Terrace NE: "Sure I'd like to see it.I'm a baseball fan and manager of a softball club we have here. Of course I'd support it. When I was living in New York I'd always go."

Wilma Dyson, a nurse who lives on 13th Street NW: "I think it would be exciting. Every big city ought to have one. I have children and I think they'd like to see some baseball."

Cynthia Gray, 19, a student who lives in Kentucky Avenue SE: "I don't care if they do. I don't like baseball, anyway. i like sports, but not baseball."

Ed Hamilton, 29, a truck driver who lives on Mount Olive Road: "This is the nation's capital and we should have a team. We have basketball, soccer and hockey. Some wouldn't support it, because the tickets might be high, but I'll go."

Paul McAuliffe, 29, lives on 9th Street SE: "Yes, I would support it. i enjoy going to baseball games. I just got back from a trip and I went to some spring training games and to a game in Kansas City. I couldn't afford a season ticket, but I'd want to go often."

Andrew Patner, 17, a legislative assistant who lives on 11th Street SE: "I'm originally from Chicago and I don't think any city ought to have less than two clubs. I'd go everyday if it were here."

Larry Woldt, 28, an aide who lives on C Street SE: "I'm from Chicago and I was raised on the Cubs and White Sox. I was also in Little League. It's a nice way to spend the afternoon. Last year they had a petition around to see if anyone would support a ball club here and our whole office signed it."