"I've been saying for a long time that if I were younger, I would run for office," said 62-year-old Embry C. Rucker, as he announced that he will run in the Democratic primary for the 18th legislative district in the Virginia House of Delegates, representing Northern Fairfax County.

Rucker, the retired rector of the Episcopal Congregation of Reston and former president of the Common Ground Foundation, said ". . . all of a sudden, I realized I would never be any younger." He said his work in Reston has given him experience with community problems such as transportation, child care and drugs.

He holds a degree in civil engineering from the Virginia Military Institute, and is the founder and owner of a wood products manufacturing company near Louisville, Ky. Rucker also served on the faculty of the University of Louisville for 15 years, where he taught a number of industrial and management courses. He founded that St. Aldan Church in Alexandria, and an affiliated kindergarten and first grade school in the Fort Hunt area.

Walter W. Craigie Jr., investment broker and former state treasurer, recently announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. He will oppose State Sen. A. Joe Canada Jr. for the nomination at the State GOP convention in Roanoke June 3 and 4.

Craigie, 45, said he has not asked for and does not have the formal endorsement of Lt. Gov. John Dalton, who is uncontested in his bid for the Republican nomination for governor. But he said Dalton has told him that if both are elected, he would want to fully use Craigie's expertise in fiscal and tax matters.

Springfield Democratic Committee member D. Dashiell Sibley has announced that he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination to one of the five seats in the House of Delegates from the 19th legislative district, which comprises the southern half of Fairfax County. He is the sixth and final candidate to file for the Democratic primary on June 14.

A former Army officer who is employed by Virginia Cardinal Publishing, Inc., Sibley holds an undergraduate degree in government from the College of William and Mary, and has done graduate work in public administration at George Mason University.

Marianne Karydes, a candidate for Virginia's 22nd legislative district house seat was the featured speaker at a recent one-day seminar on the effective credit consumer. She discussed the risks consumers face concerning proliferation of electronic fund transfer systems. Karydes said the system of transferring funds electronically could be a threat to privacy and personal credit rating. She worked in the field of electronic fund transfer systems in the Commerce Department's Office of Telecommunications from 1972 to 1975.

In a speech before the Arlington County Republican Committee recently, Herald G. "Skip" Beale announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination for one of the three at-large seats from Arlington in the Virginia General Assembly House of Delegates.

Beale, a lifelong resident of Northern Virginia, stressed holding the line on taxation and fairer representation as the major themes of his candidacy. "I support repeal of the sales tax on food and drugs, a levy that is particularly regressive, hurting most whose who can bear the tax load least easily," he said. If necessary, Beale said, he would vote for raising other taxes, preferable one of the "nuisance" taxes, to make up for the resulting lost revenues.

The Arlington County Republican meeting where nominations and endorsements will be made, is to be held May 17.

John Scalamonti of Reston, a former ordained priest who is now a regional training manager for Gino's, recently announced his candidacy for the Girginia House of Delegates, saying he strongly believes that what he has learned in management programs used by the Gino's operations about satisfying needs in a hurry at minimal cost and without complicated procedures can be applied to solve the problems people have with their government. "Good management, whether in business or in government, is the key to effective economical operation," Scalamonti said.

Scalamonti, a Democrat, is seeking to represent the 18th legislative district, which includes northern Fairfax County and the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church. He said he would like to establish an office in the district to serve constituents, by joining with the other delegates from the 18th legislative district, and combining the $200 each is allotted every year to pay the rent.

His other priorities, Scalamonti said, include reorganization of government agencies to eliminate duplication of services and waste of tax money: opportunities for the elderly to retain their dignity and play a part in community life; tax creditis for voluntary services to the community: early, continous screening of school children to identify learning disabilities and adjustment programs, as well as special talents: and development of programs to help students develop the limits of their abilities.