The Montgomery County Council is considering legislation designed to prevent the operation of massage establishments which are fronts for prostitution.

The legislation, introduced Tuesday by council Vice President Elizabeth Scull, would require the licensing and regulation of massage establishments and persons who administer massages.

According to the police and the county's Environmental Protection Department, which are responsible for enforcement of such laws, the legislation is needed mainly as a preventative measure. A hearing will be held at a future date.

Cpl. C. F. McVeigh, of the Montgomery County police vice squad, said that persons operating bogus massage operations have been "coming into the county one or two at a time to see what they can do."

Since last year, the county has closed two massage establishments and temporarily suspended the license of another, he said. Of the 14 licensed massage establishments operating in the county, all are believed to be "legitimate health facilities," he daid.

Under the proposed measure, actions or grounds for the denial or revolution of licenses would be: Falsifying the license application; prior conviction for any criminal offense of a sexual nature; giving a massage to a member of the opposite sex; doing business between midnight and 6 a.m., and soliciting or participating in sexual intercourse before, during or after a massage.