"The protection of our natural and manmade resources is one theme that must increasingly unify us as we approach the limits of the capacity of our land, water and air to sustain us," said Robert L. Montague in announcing his candidacy for the Arlington-Alexandria "floater" seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

If elected, Montague promised to help the legislature "play a major role in assuring that neither government nor industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia is asleep at the switch when these resources are threatened by man-made pollutants." He added, "This kind of responsibility cannot be increasingly delegated to local government as long as it relies so heavily on the real estate tax for its primary financial support, thereby creating a built-in conflict of interest when it comes to protecting the environment from unsound, large-scale development."

Montague was an assistant attorney general of Kentucky for three years, and has been in independent law practice in Alexandria for 13 years. He has participated in the support of other candidates, beginning with the election of Kennedy and Johnson in 1960. He was 10th District campaign treasurer for Andrew P. Miller during his first race for the office of attorney general of Virginia in 1969, and has been a delegate from Alexandria to state Democratic conventions. He was a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in 1965, and a Democratic nominee for the Alexandria City Council in 1973.