Companies which supply components of school lunches served in Montgomery County range from agri-business subsidiaries of huge conglomerates to relatively small, family businesses. Many contracts with out-of-town corporations are with local distributors, which means jobs for area residents.

Here, briefly, are the suppliers:

SHENANDOAH'S PRIDE DAIRY - in operation for 45 years, processes milk for the Valley of Virginia Cooperative Milk Producers Association. Headquartered in Harrisonburg, Va., the dairy also operates a plant in Springfield, Va. which supplies the Montgomery County schools. Shenandoah's Pride had sales of $40 million and 300 employees, according to the 1977 Dun's Million Dollar Directory.

HAMPSHIRE OPEN AIR MARKET - a family-owned and operated business, supplies several area school systems, the National Institutes of Health and other institutions with produce. The school system buys fresh fruits and vegetables and eggs from them. The business in Takoma Park., Md., does about $5 million in sales annually and has 25 employees, according to owner Nathan Gordon.

DOUGHTIE'S BARBEQUE OF MARYLAND - of Tuxedo, Md., is a distributor for Doughtie's Foods Inc. of Portsmouth, Va., a manufacturer and processor of meat. The company, with plants in both Portsmouth and Manchester, Md., had annual sales of $24.8 million and 260 employees in 1976, according to senior vice president Thomas Beeler. It was founded by the Doughtie family in 1952, becoming publicly held in 1972.

FREDERICK PRODUCE - located in Frederick, Md., was founded in 1935. Originally a family business and now a small corporation. Frederick Produce supplies canned goods to the schools. About 80 per cent of the company's business is sales to institutions and restaurants with the balance in sales to grocery stores. The company began as an outlet for fresh produce, now only about one third of its volume. The rest is processed foods, purchased from processors and re-sold to institutions. Sales volume is about $4.5 million, according to president Jack Brunk.

B & H PIZZA - of Hershey, Pa., started out 16 years ago to make one item - pizza, still the only item it produces. In 1964, B & H started serving school lunch programs. Now about 75 per cent of the approximately 3 million pounds of pizza it produces go to institutions including schools. It is a family-owned company, with about $3 million in sales volume and about 48 employees, according to Harold W. Hartman, the president.

GOOD HUMOR - The school system's contract is with the Lanham, Md. distribution plant, which distributes ice cream products produced at Good Humor's Baltimore plant. Good Humor, a company about 50 years old and the originator of ice-cream-on-a-stick, is a division of Thomas J. Lipton Inc. Lipton's sales are $437 million and its employees number 5,200 according to the Dun's directory.

SMELKINSON BROTHERS - which supplies frozen fruits and vegetables to the schools, is a family owned corporation in Jessup, Md., Originally located on the Baltimore docks, the business was founded in 1919 by two Russian immigrants. From a butter and egg house, the business branched out, becoming an institutional supplier with sales volume of $33 million last year and 125 employees, according to Robert Smelkinson.

ITT CONTINENTAL BAKERY - manufacturer of Wonderbread, a division of ITT, had sales of $1,181 million and 28,000 employees, according to Dun's. The Montgomery County public schools buy bread from Continental Bakery in Rockvilles.

MORTON'S FROZEN FOODS - is a division of ITT-Continental Baking. The Morton's plant in Crozet, Va., has 1,300 employees, according to plant manager Curtis Wayland. It uses about 10 million pounds of turkey annually, to give some idea of volume. Figures on annual sales for the frozen food division were unavailable.

KRAFT FOODS - is a division of Kraftco, a multinational conglomerate with annual sales of $4.9 billion and 48.409 employees in 1975. Montgomery County buys cheese and cracker snacks from Kraft in Washington, D.C.

MANN'S POTATO CHIPS - in Northeast Washington, was founded in 1952, as a family-owned and operated company. In 1957,Mann's was acquited by Sunshine Biscuits, which later became part of American Brands Inc. In December, 1976, Acton Corp., a Massachusetts-based company, acquired Mann's and some other snack plants from American Brands. The District plant employs about 75 workers.

THOMAS J. TROTTER AND SONS - is a family-owned and operated company in Hatfield, Pa. which manufactures soft pretzels. The company, with about 50 employees, sells primarily to institutions.

LANCE INC - The Montgomery County schools buy crackers from the Westminster, Md. district sales office of the Charlotte, N.C. manufacturer of bakery products and confections.