When Northern Virginia residents go to the polls this fail, they will elect 13 county, city and municipal officers, in addition to selecting 19 delegates to represent them in Richmond. They will also elect a governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

In Arlington, voters will choose one member of the county board and a county clerk to fill the unexpired term of former clerk, Joseph Gwaltney, who has been appointed to the Arlington District Court. Incumbent county clerk David A. Bell, who was appointed last December, was nominantion. Republicans may choose a candidate at their meeting May 17, and have until 7 p.m. June 14 to file the name with the county clerk.

At this point in the Arlington County Board race, two people have expressed an interest in running for the four-year term. Incumbent Ellen M. Bezman (Ind.) has announced that she will seek the office again. She was endorsed by local Democrats last week. She has until June 14 to file with the county clerk. Attorney Sherman W. Pratt (Ind.) has announced that he will seek to have his name put on the ballot if he is endorsed by local Republicans at a party meeting in May. Independent candidates are not required to receive party backing to run for office, but Pratt says he will not run without Republican endorsement.

In Alexandria, voters will choose a sheritt and a commonwealth's attorney. Democratic candidates for sheriff in the June 14 primary are Theodore (Ted) Dodd and Patrick J. Holland. Republican candidates in the primary are Michael E. Norris and Robert J. Sweeney. Independent candidates have until June 14 to file with the county clerk if they wish their names to appear directly on the November 4th ballot. Raymond E. Fogle, the former sheriff, retired last month.

Incumbent commonwealth's attorney. William L. Cowhig (D) is unopposed in his bid for office so far, but the Republican committee has the option to nominate a candidate for commonwealth's attorney by June 14 since no one has filed for the job.

In Falls Church, voters will choose a treasurer, a commissioner of revenue and a sheriff this fall. There is no primary for those municipal offices, and candidates have until June 14 to file their petitions. At this point, incumbents James Durant (Ind.) Claude M. Wells (Ind.) and John Martin (Ind.) have announced that they will run as treasurer, commissioner of revenue and sheriff, respectively.

Fairfax City voters will choose a treasurer and commissioner of revenue in the November election. Treasurer Frances L. Cox has announced that she will seek re-election. She is being challenged by Ray M. Birch, who recently retired as assistant director of finance for Fairfax County. Neither Cox nor Birch ha filed yet. Both will run as independents. Commissioner of revenue A. Howell Thomas (Ind.) has not yet filed for the November election, but said he plans to do so about June 1. Fairfax City candidates have until June 14th to file for the general election this fall.

Manassas voters will also choose a commissioner of revenue and a treasurer in the November election. Commissioner of revenue Stewart McBryde (D) and treasurer John Grzejka (D) are already scheduled to be on the fall ballot, and independent candidates have until June 14th to file their petitions to have their names appear on the November ballot. Republican candidates in Manassas could still be nominated by convention, and their names would appear directly on the ballot.

In Manassas Park, where nonpartisan local elections are held, voters will choose a commissioner of revenue and a treasurer. Neither Betty Jane Jenkins, the present commissioner of revenue, nor treasurer Nellie Lytle has filed candidacy petitions with the Prince William County clerk at this point, but both say the plan to run again. They must file petitions no later than June 14th to be listed on the November ballot.

No local elective offices are up this year in Faifax County, Prince William County or Loudoun County.