Angela Lane, 9, has been jumping rope with six of her schoolmates from Shadd Elementary two hours a day for the last two months, getting in shape for the Double Dutch Championships held here yesterday.

As 400 girls, all 4th to 8th graders from 108 Washington schools, gathered at the Reflecting Pool, Angela and her friends, dressed in green shorts, white T-shirts and sneakers, practiced their styles. "I like to do the tricks," said Angels, as she did a nifty turn with a single rope inside a double rope.

For those who didn't grow up in the city, twisting their mother's clothesline for this street game, double dutch is a jump-rope technique in which two ropes are alternately turned in opposite directions.

Yesterday's competition was the final part of the first citywide double dutch contest. It was sponsored by the city's Fifth District Community Services unit and Mobil Oil Corp.

"All right girls quicly turn the ropes so they get situated, make them died now. Everyone into position," pokice Officer Garder M. Thomas barked into a microphone. He was standing under a sprawling tree but the contestants jumped on the concrete, bencath the noontime hot sun.

Judging was based on the skill and creativity shown during 3 minutes of normal double-dutch style, a speed segment and a freestyle category.

Teresa Blackwell, 14, and Virginia Davis, 12, sixth graders at Stevens Elementary, had been jogging so that Teresa's arms wouldn't get tired and Virginia could twirl her hoola hoop inside the rope. Iris Bryant, 12, of Taft, did a flip into the ropes, two cheerleader jumps, and then her rope turners, Joannie Davis and carlotta Brown, turned the ropes with their backs to her as they all did can-can kicks.

The winners, who received U.S. Saving Bonds and trophies, were Kingsman fourth grade, Miner fifth grade, Brookland sixth grade. Taft seventh grade and Eliot eighth grade in the singles competition: and Shadd fourth grade, Kingsman fifth grade, Miner sixth grade, Brookland seventh grade and Sliot eighth grade in the doubles competition.