Two paragraphs providing details in a Sunday Washington Post story about Mary Frances Reilly, a murder victim, inadvertantly appeared as well in an unrelated story about the murder of two women in Alexandria and the disappearance of a third. Timothy Wyngaard was talking about Reilly when he said that she "seemed like a nice person," and police identified Reilly through her fingerprints late Friday.

The body of the murder victim discovered Friday in a wooded area of Oxon Hill has been identified as that of a 28-year-old part-time secretary who also worked as a dancer in a District of Columbia night club.

The victim, identified yesterday by Prince George's County police, was Mary Frances Reilly who lived in the Dupont Circle area at 1718 P St. NW. She has danced part-time at "This Is It" night club for the last 3 1/2 years.

The owner of the night club, William A. Johnson said: "May would give you the shirt off her back . . . she was the All-American type of girl."

According to Johnson, the victim had been a dancer for nearly eight years in the District "and was well known for her dancing."

"She did not say much about her family or her background, but I know she had a high school education," Johnson said.

Reilly's body was discovered Friday morning by a jogger along Indian Head Highway, just south of Oxon Hill Road, and directly across the Potomac River from Alexandria where police are investigating the deaths of three other young women. A fourth young woman is missing in Alexandria, and police said they are working on the assumption that she, too, has been murdered.

At first, the discovery of the Reilly body raised speculation that her death may have been connected to the Alexandria cases, but police soon discounted this theory.

Unlike the cases in Alexandria, police said, there was no identification found on the body and no car was found nearby.

The victim lived in the area of Dupont Circle, where young professionals and business people constantly settle and move inand out of renovated neighborhood town houses and apartments.

Reilly lived in the Webster House, a modern nine-floor apartment building with rent that ranges around $200 a month.

Her next door neighbor, Timothy Wyngaard, said: "She was a friendly person who always greeted me on the elevator." He said he never really talked at length to her, but that she "seemed like a nice person."

Miss Reilly's fully clothed body was found Friday morning by a jogger who spotted her on the roadside of Indian Head highway about a half mile south of Oxon Hill Road.

Police were able to discover the victims identity through her fingerprints late Friday, but did not release her identity until yesterday after her next of kin was notified.