An Arlington real estate agent and a woman identified as his fiancee were found shot to death yesterday in the man's car in the garage of his home. Police described it as a double murder.

The real estate agent was identified by his supervisor as Alan W. Foreman, about 25 years old, of 2101 N. George Mason Dr.

Ray Oliva, Arlington sales manager for Town and Country Properties, where Foreman worked, identified the slain woman as Foreman's fiance.

The identity of the woman who police said was a Maryland resident, was not immediately available.

The bodies were found yesterday morning in the front seat of Foreman's yellow Jaguar. Each was leaning against the other, and each had been shot in the upper body, police said.

Police said they found no gun and could give no motive for the killings, nor was it known precisely when the shootings took place. Investigators said only that they occurred "over the weekend."

The bodies were found at 9:33 a.m. by police who had been called by a neighbor. According to police, a woman who lives nearby had looked in the garage window and seen Foreman's body.

Although it apparently was not evident to the woman that Foreman had been shot, police said the neighbor wondered "if he was all right."

Oliva, for whom Foreman worked, said that he had last seen him on Wednesday, but noted that many real estate agents do not come to their office each day.

According to Oliva, Foreman had worked for Town and Country for about two years. Oliva said Foreman had joined Town and Country after returning from Florida, where he had lived briefly.

Neighbors said he had moved into the two-story, wood-and-brick house on George Mason Drive about six months ago, shortly after the house was built.

Previously, he had lived at 2808 N. First Rd., in a house that neighbors there said was apparently owned at one time by his family.

They said he had lived there while growing up and that he had gone to local schools.

Residents of Foreman's new neighborhood on George Mason Drive said they did not know him particularly well. However, one of them said, they had observed no unusual activity around his house, and he "seemed to be a nice young fellow."

Foreman and the woman apparently were both shot in the car where their bodies were found, Arlington County police said.

A second auto which apparently belonged to the woman, was also found in the two-car garage when police arrived according to witnesses. That car later was taken away.

The garage has an entrance directly from the house, by means of a short flight of steps.

It could not be immediately learned last night whether anything had been taken from the home, whether the interior had been disturbed in any way.

However it appeared that a dog, possibly the pet of one of the victims, had been inside the house for some time.

The dog was brought out of the house late in the day and placed in the custody of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

The discovery of the two bodies yesterday came at the end of a week in which Alexandria police have mounted an intense investigation into the deaths of three young women and the disappearance of another in the western section of Alexandria.

Arlington police said yesterday there appeared to be no connection.