Two heavily armed Fairfax County men, both with police records here, were shot and killed early yesterday morning in Jackson, Miss., when police interrupted an apparent burglary attempt, authorities reported.

The men were idenitified as David William Rivard, 18, and Eugene Francis Wood, 30. Street addresses were not immediately available.

Fairfax County police said Rivard had a juvenile record and was due in court in the county on May 27 on a speeding charge.

Hey said Wood had been sentenced to 10 days in jail for petty larceny in 1975 and was given a 12-month suspended sentence for petty larceny last June 22.

Included in the property found in the men's possession according to a Fairfax County police sopkeswoman, was jewelry, a camera, and several savings bonds that belong to a Springfield, Va., man.

According to Mississippi authorities, the men were killed about 4:20 a.m. at a restaurant on Highway 30, South of Jackson.

Police in Jackson said law enforcement officers spotted then men in what appeared to be an attempt to commit a burglary at the restaurant.

The men were carrying loaded weapons, which they raised when confronted by police, according to Mississippi authorites.

Both men were killed before they could fire, the Jackson police said.

Fairfax County police said the men had two pistols, a .38 caliber and a .357 magnum.

THe Associated Press quoted Jackson police as saying the men were apparently "ready for anything that might come their way."

A police spokesman in Jackson was also quoted as saying that Wood, who reportedly had the .357 magnum, had once vowed that he would "never be taken alive."

A Jackson police officer reportedly suffered a wrist wound as a result of a ricochet from police gunfire.