The Montgomery County Police Association has strongly criticized Chief Robert J. diGrazia for ordering two of the department's senior officers to retire as part of diGrazia's reorganization effort.

The association, in a sharply worded letter, also said it had asked the county government to withhold action on a diGrazia-proposed plan to reorganize rank and advancement within the department, which it described as "complex and confusing."

The association's letter is part of the intense and critical reaction within the 784-member police department to the reorganization diGrazia announced during a May 2 news conference.

The county personnel board, which must approve several of diGrazia's proposals, has received letters from two police organizations requesting that they delay considering the proposals for six months.

DiGrazia will brief the board on his proposals at a private meeting this morning.

Gerald Moser, the board's executive secretary, said he could not say when the board will consider the proposals since it has not yet received them.

DiGrazia couldn't be reached for comment, but his top aide, Philip H. Marks, disputed the association's criticism.

Marks said the calls for delaying the plan's implementation are unnecessary because the plan itself calls for implementation over a six-month period.

"We've been meeting with departmental personnel since last week to explain the program," Marks said. "(Employees) will have ample opportunity under the plan's timetable to participate fully in its implementation."