The latest addition to the ranks of so-called 'adult' bookstores in Washington is located in Georgetown. Staff writer Sharon Conway and staff photographer Linda Wheeler went to Georgetown last week to find out how people reacted to it.

Mary Albert, 25, a staff assistant who lives on Massachusetts Avenue NW: "I don't have any contact with it so it doesn't affect me much. I know the residents here are very upset over it. The times I've walked by I've noticed that they have a sign up that warns you not to come inside if that kind of stuff bothers you."

David Barillair, 30, a writer who lives on Wisconsin Avenue NW: "It is a sad state of affairs. It's part of the general demise of Georgetown. It started with the schlock shoe stores and clothing stores. Georgetown is just going downhill."

Tom DeBaggio, 35, an Arlington resident and the manager of Kostos, a frame and art supply store next door to the bookstore: "We've had stores up the street selling edible panties, so what's the difference? I don't have any comment on it."

Langdon Johnson, 32, a consultant who lives on Florida Avenue NW: "It adds to the variety of the whole place. Every community should have a variety. I don't think there is anything wrong with it unless there are too many of them."

Pat Kane, 26, a staff assistant who lives on Wisconsin Avenue NW: "It hasn't affected me. I haven't ever seen anybody going in there."

Douglas Reeves, 27, a laborer who lives on 16th Street NW: "I think it's all right. There's nothing wrong with it."

James Rude, 23, an Arlington resident and salesman for Georgetown Leather Design, a neighboring store: "We'd like it out of here. It degrades the area. The businesses have gone down a lot, and it's not what it used to be here. The quality is going down. Georgetown is getting sleazy."