The political corruption trial of Maryland Gov. Marvin Mandel has been ordered postponed for one day - for May 31 to June 1 - to allow the federal court to call a new panel of prospective jurors.

Judge Edward S. Northrop, chief judge of the Federal District Court, said that the delay was needed because a new term of court begins June 1 and a new panel of jurors will report for duty at that time.

The trial has already been delayed once to allow Gov. Mandel to recover from a medical problem.

Doctors at Prince George's County Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital say Mandel may have suffered a stroke. He tries easily and is unable to concentrate for any length of time, according to the doctors' reports.

Mandel's wife, Jeanne, said Sunday that her husband is recovering very slowly and still may not be able to stand trial at the end of the month.

District Court Judge Robert L. Taylor, who will hear the case, agreed two weeks ago to a compromise delay of May 31 after Mandel's attorneys requested that it be delayed until June 6. Taylor said then he will tolerate "no more motions" for delay.

Judge Northrop, who issued the delay order today, said the one-day postponement was required by "limitations in the jury selection law."