A window washer, working 11 stories above Pennsylvania Avenue, was rescued by his partner yesterday after he suffered a seizure and sprawled over the edge of his scaffolding, fire officials reported. A crowd of 500 people gathered below to witness the brief drama.

Leroy Williams, 30, was treated at George Washington University Hospital after the 1:45 p.m. incident at 1750 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

Williams' partner, Curtiss Sanders, 28, said he motioned to a lawyer in his office in the other side of the sealed green-glass window to take a hat rack and smash through the window after his partner was striken.

The lawyer, John T. Fedigan, broke the window and Sanders entered the office, afraid at first to touch Williams because he thought his coworker had come in contact with a liveelectrical wire.

But when Sanders realized that Williams was ill, he returned to the scoffolding and pulled the victim to safety inside the office.

"He was hollering and pulling at his safety belt when I went back out," Sanders said afterward. "If that belt had come undone, he would have fallen."

Fire trucks extended their ladders against the building, but William already had been rescued by the time they were in place. Mortar, glass from the broken window and window-washing fluids were stewn about the sidewalk and street below.